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Myths and Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be a challenging problem for the men who experience it as well as the people in their lives. This condition, commonly called ED, causes men to have trouble getting or maintaining erections compatible with sexual intercourse.

ED can strike at any age, and many men tend to feel inadequate as a result. This can lead to feelings of frustration and zap your self-confidence. It’s common for men with the condition to experience depression and anxiety, and their relationships may also suffer. 

Because of the perceived stigma surrounding ED, the exact number of men who have the condition is unknown, although estimates are that anywhere from 40% to 70% of US men are affected by erectile dysfunction at some point during their lifetime. ED is commonly the result of poor circulation and blood flow to the penis; however, many different factors may contribute to this condition. 

In order for you to better understand erectile dysfunction, and what we can do to help, it’s necessary to separate fact from fiction. Below are some common ED myths and the facts that dispute them. 

Myth: It’s a part of getting older, and you just have to live with it

The facts:  ED is more prevalent among older men, but can be successfully treated regardless of advanced age. Many men can enjoy a satisfying sex life well into their senior years.

Myth:  ED doesn’t affect younger men

The facts: Younger men can and do experience erectile dysfunction. While 40% of men over 40 have had some experience with ED, men under 40 have sought treatment, too.

Myth: ED doesn’t mean you have a health problem

The facts: Erectile dysfunction is a symptom of diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease. If you experience trouble getting and maintaining an erection, at any age, make an appointment to get it checked out. It’s just as important to figure out the cause of your ED as it is to treat it.

Myth: ED means you’ve just lost that “lovin’ feeling”

The facts: ED doesn’t always have to do with your libido or reaction to any one person. Your ED could be related to certain medications you take or overindulging in alcohol. Smoking can impair your ability to get an erection, as can heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and even some diseases. Make an appointment and find out the cause of your ED.

Myth: ED can only be treated with medication

The facts: Depending on the cause of your ED, it may be entirely treatable through lifestyle changes or a change in medication, if ED is a side effect of something you’re taking. If you have anxiety and depression, therapy may help restore your ability to maintain an erection. Certain devices can aid in getting and maintaining an erection. Although the famous “little blue pill” does help, it’s not your only go-to.

Myth: Herbal remedies work just as well as any medication

The facts: Herbal remedies can do more harm than good, especially if your ED is the result of a medical condition. Herbal supplements aren’t as strictly regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration and may cause an adverse, even life-threatening, reaction. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable physician right away.

At Urological Associates in Charlottesville, Virginia, we specialize in urological health and wellness. For over 50 years, our doctors have been treating men and women in a compassionate, caring environment. Our team of doctors and support staff understand the challenges men with ED face, and we want to help you overcome them.

Don’t wait for erectile dysfunction to go away on its own. There may be a serious cause behind your ED that needs to be addressed. Contact Urological Associates today. Together, we can figure out the solution.

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