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Most men with an enlarged prostate treat their symptoms with medication. But a simple one-time procedure, called UroLift®, may help you get the symptom relief you need and prevent the need for more invasive surgery. Dr. Whitworth at Urological Associates offers UroLift as a treatment for an enlarged prostate. For a consultation to see if the UroLift makes the best choice for you, call the office in Charlottesville, Virginia, or book an appointment online.

UroLift Q & A

What is an enlarged prostate?

Also referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), an enlarged prostate is a common problem for men as they get older, and it causes various urinary symptoms, such as a weak stream or an increase in urinary urgency. Your urethra, which is the tube that carries your urine from your bladder through your penis and out your body, runs directly through your prostate gland and may become blocked as the gland grows. Treatment for an enlarged prostate may include medication that improves urine flow or shrinks your prostate.

To relieve your symptoms and help you get back to doing the things you enjoy, the specialists at Urological Associates offer the UroLift as a treatment option for an enlarged prostate. Many men find the one-time, minimally invasive procedure relieves symptoms better than medication.

What is the UroLift?

The UroLift System is an FDA-cleared procedure for the treatment of an enlarged prostate that utilizes the Prostatic Urethral Lift (PUL) procedure. The UroLift System uses permanent implants to lift and hold the prostate to prevent it from blocking your urethra, which improves urine flow and reduces your symptoms.

Am I a good candidate for the UroLift?

Your doctor at Urological Associates does a comprehensive examination to determine if you’re a good candidate for a UroLift. You may be considered for the UroLift if:

  • You’re over the age of 45
  • You have BPH symptoms
  • You have no allergies to nickel, titanium, or stainless steel

If you meet the criteria, your urologist conducts a physical exam, digital rectal exam, diagnostic imaging, and a urinalysis before a final decision is made.

What can I expect during a UroLift procedure?

The UroLift is a minimally invasive procedure that may be done under local anesthesia. The entire procedure takes about an hour and you can go home the same day, typically without the need for a catheter. There’s very little downtime following the procedure, and you should begin to notice an improvement in your symptoms about two weeks afterward.

To get symptom relief from your enlarged prostate, call Urological Associates today or book a consultation online to discuss UroLift.